Corporate Social Responsibility

We are focused on waste management and sustainable workplaces
Our Environmental Certificate ISO-14001

Waste Management

Chrome plating creates hazardous industrial waste and we spare no efforts to ensure proper treatment and disposal.   Nestled within a specialized chrome plating industrial park, our main manufacturing plant allows us to dispose and treat waste in a central location.

Our entire production process is optimized to ensure we do not hinder the sustainability of the environment.

Our chrome plated products are used on the lightest and most durable material used in cars.  Our products not only help create a visually appealing interior, but assist in lowering the fuel consumption by reducing the weight of the car.  This will also enhance the longevity of the car, which help slow down the consumption of the earth’s resources.

We use earth friendly packaging alternatives, like biodegradable paper that breaks down within 6 months.

Workplace Sustainability

We are continually striving to effectively improve sustainability.  In our workplaces, we have developed new processes and technologies that eliminate use of paper, we minimized our carbon footprint by use of video conferencing to reduce physical travel, we set the office temperature at optimum range for both comfort and energy conservation, and our windows blinds are opened to minimize turning on of light and energy efficient light bulbs are used, and in our eating areas we prohibit the use of plastic cutlery.

Our Employees are trained to develop a zero waste mindset not only in their work, but also in their daily life.  We proudly believe that everyone plays a part in leaving a blossoming earth for our children.